Student Housing

Simplified, sustainable utilities management solutions for individual leases.

Why Choose Wyse?

Many university and college students are living away from home, or with others, for the first time. This brings new responsibilities like paying bills, which can be complicated in a communal billing environment. Wyse offers an individual billing approach that gives students the certainty and control they need over their utility costs, ensuring they are only charged for their equal portion, ultimately saving more money and energy.


By-the-bed billing per the terms of each student’s lease


One of the largest buyers of meter technology in Canada with a strong, reliable supply chain that allows us to meet your development timelines


Unique billing that provides transparent information for the individual and the suite

Case Studies

Our Work in Action

Success Stories
Creative Adaptation. 497 Suites.

Adapted to the unique layouts of student housing using equally creative meter placements.

Easy Enrolment. 426 Suites.

Managed complex enrolments before move-in dates in order to streamline the student housing experience.

Smart EV Charging. 212 Suites.

Introduced EV chargers to provide convenient options, aligning with students’ modern ESG goals.