How Our Solutions Work



Typical buildings have a bulk meter for each utility to measure overall consumption. The owner, property manager, developer, or condo corporation is responsible for the bulk utility bills. Submetering measures the consumption of each suite, then bills residents or tenants for their own consumption of each individual utility.

Smart meters connect to the utility lines within the building’s service rooms or individual suites, depending on the utility.
Billing processes the data and applies the approved municipal rates and service charges. Each customer gets an accurate, detailed, and on-time bill.
Each meter measures an individual suite’s consumption.
The Wyse online portal allows each customer, owner, or manager to view usage and billing information. Wyse’s service team offers support.
An electronic meter reading system remotely transmits consumption data to the Wyse billing cloud.
Residents reduce costs by reducing consumption.
Image of submeters connected to a suite and an office being remotely read.Image of submeters connected to a suite and an office being remotely read.

Add-on Billing

Provides residents with the convenience of a single, detailed bill outlining submetered utilities and other amenities.

Wyse can easily include separate line items to our existing utility invoice for add-ons:
Add-on Billing
Locker Rentals
Image of a cell phone in an office indicating the ability to transfer utility data from the cloud to the device.

Data Portal

Let Wyse visualize your energy consumption and water usage across your whole portfolio, down to the building level. 

Detailed utility reporting
Bulk bill processing support
Data for formal ESG reporting
Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256

EV Charging

Our EV Charging services are rooted in EVSTART, an electric vehicle (EV) charging leader dedicated to solving all your building infrastructure challenges.

We supply and install smart chargers
Chargers are Wi-Fi connected to Our Cloud
Wyse bills each driver for electricity consumption
Image of two electric cars plugged into a charger in a garage.
Image of sensors installed across a building to transmit HVAC information to a cloud database.

HVAC Optimization

Parity is our advanced HVAC optimization tool, which gives building owners/operators the power to supercharge energy and operational efficiency. 

Wyse installs control sensors strategically across the building.
Sensors are Wi-Fi connected to Wyse Cloud.
Wyse Cloud sends control adjustments to building HVAC control platform every minute.
Image of a suite with a heat pump retrofit installed on the balcony and inside on the wall.

Heat Pump Retrofits

Heat pumps are a low carbon alternative three times as efficient as traditional heating methods, which means less energy, less carbon, and lower costs.

Wyse installs heat pump equipment in-suite and on balcony.
For Wyse metered suites, the electricity used to power the heat pump would automatically be included in the suite bill.