Better utilities management means a better future for the planet and your bottom line.

Why Choose Wyse?

A commercial real estate renaissance has reinvigorated the market, with builders and owners reimagining the possibilities of building and maintaining these developments. Wyse offers the large-scale, customizable solutions city builders need to address the complex challenges of their developments, with real-time data services offering unprecedented insights into building operations, which address investor and stakeholder ESG demands.


Custom, flexible solutions that evolve with your leasing space needs


One of the largest buyers of meter technology in Canada with a strong, reliable supply chain that allows us to meet your development timelines


EV charging bundles to enhance building’s future readiness and value

Case Studies

Our Work in Action

Success Stories
Flexible Needs. 175 Suites.

Juggled often shifting and competing demands of commercial tenants to deliver a proper metering scope that customized equipment for each suite.

Automation Hub. 75 Suites.

Integrated submetering system with building automation system (BAM) to ensure efficient property management and resource utilization.

Fast EV Charging. 55 Suites.

Introduced innovative EV charging solutions to provide convenient options, aligning with shoppers’ modern sustainability goals.