Wyse’s wide range of utilities management services match the versatility of your building.

Why Choose Wyse?

Mixed-use developments are driving sustainable living across Canada, allowing residents to live, work, and play, all within a central location. We work with stakeholders across these projects, from developers and property managers, to suppliers and tradespeople, to residents and business owners. Wyse provides simple, flexible, and accurate solutions that expertly address complex metering and billing challenges across these diverse spaces.


Custom solutions to suit your project’s unique needs


One of the largest buyers of meter technology in Canada with a strong, reliable supply chain that allows us to meet your development timelines


Partnered on some of the country’s largest mixed-use projects

Case Studies

Our Work in Action

Success Stories
Layout Efficiency. 212 Suites.

Leveraged deep understanding of building systems to deliver an efficient submetering solution that optimized utility management.

Total Precision. 506 Suites.

Ensured accurate readings for multiple common areas and supported smooth operations of development with diverse residents and tenants.

Rapid Response. 288 Suites.

Met tight timelines to avoid construction delays, ensuring seamless equipment delivery and installation to provide utility management within complex before occupancy.