Heat Pumps

Pump up the savings with a carbon-slashing alternative

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Find Your Comfort Zone With Wyse Heat Pumps

Perfect for retrofitted buildings that are gas heated, this heating-cooling combo solution hands the comfort controls over to the residents while reducing your costs.

How heat pumps work

How Heat Pumps Work

With a heat pump, more energy efficient heating is practically guaranteed.

The heat pump’s exterior unit attracts errant heat in the outside air, sending it through a refrigerant within the unit’s coils. The heat then travels to the indoor condenser, where it is distributed to the interior space. In this way, the heat is being moved from one place to another, rather than being created by a furnace, as in other conventional home heating systems.


Benefits of Heat Pumps

New Levels of Comfort

Introduce air conditioning to your residents’ suites, adding an amenity in the safest, more efficient way.

Cut Gas

Reduce gas from your in-suite heating requirements, to cut carbon emissions and save money.

Overall Energy Savings

Heat pumps are 3x more efficient than traditional heating methods, and the shift to electrification is even less expensive when carbon taxes are factored in.

Hardware Savings

By using only one HVAC loop per suite, heat pumps save equipment and allow for finer control from suite to suite.