Residential Rental

Turning apartment living into a sustainable solution for builders, owners, and residents alike.

Why Choose Wyse?

Millions of Canadians call multi-residential rental buildings home. Wyse gives builders and owners of these crucial properties the technological capabilities to recover building-wide utilities costs, while driving net-zero agendas. Wyse solutions also create a fair and transparent way of allocating utilities expenses, ensuring residents only pay for what they use. Our industry-leading expertise and experience encompasses both new construction and retrofit projects, including an award-winning water reno program, both utilizing the latest technology.


Largest rental submetering portfolio in Canada


One of the largest buyers of meter technology in Canada with a strong, reliable supply chain that allows us to meet your development timelines


Strategic investments in data-management solutions to empower real estate teams to make decisions based on relevant utility information

Case Studies

Our Work in Action

Success Stories
Major Metro Marvel. 923 Suites.

Delivered mulit-utility submetering for new construction involving four towers with four different contractors.

Multi-utility Challenge. 335 Suites.

Engineered creative solutions for a multi-utility submetering project requiring diverse meter placements – all without delays.

Thermal Precision. 179 Suites.

Introduced VRF thermal metering into new construction, offering precise monitoring and improving bottom line.