Real-world Wisdom With Wyse

Track utilities usage and cost like never before, with granular detail and intuitive tools

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Turn Mounds of Data Into Actionable Insights

Our portal visualizes energy consumption and water usage, from across your whole portfolio, down to the building level. Designed with our clients, for their needs, Wyse solves complex reporting challenges, empowers decisions with accurate utility data, and comes complimentary with every submetering project.  

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A Powerful Platform

Available for new construction and retrofit projects.


Deep Data

Wyse supports your decision-making with financial and environmental metrics.

Endless Adaptability

Users can filter, download, and reformat their data to align with internal reporting needs.

Sustainable Decision-making

Wyse drives sustainability agendas, the implementation of efficiency measures, and increases in net operating income.

Long-range Perspective

Track data with a historical perspective, including year-over-year comparisons, all in formats that can easily be put to work.

Thorough Reporting

Easily report on utility cost and usage, with summary reports and dashboards.