Greener condo living solutions, from construction to long term sustainable lifestyle.

Why Choose Wyse?

Multi-residential condo buildings are one of the industry’s most dynamic and exciting markets, with new projects multiplying in metro areas nationwide. Wyse solutions save builders thousands on construction costs, and provide buyers confidence that their new home is well-designed and well-operated. Our solutions also lower utilities costs, promote conservation, and increase the future value of suites.


Technical and engineering expertise, covering all stages from single line drawings to commissioning


One of the largest buyers of meter technology in Canada with a strong, reliable supply chain that allows us to meet your development timelines


Creative solution experts to help reduce capital deployment thereby offsetting costs at design or initial install stages

Case Studies

Our Work in Action

Success Stories
Design Adaptation. 275 Suites.

Tackled design challenges in new construction to address complex sizing and placement needs of thermal meters.

Multi-utility Mastery. 617 Suites.

Addressed unique challenges created by small riser placement within the building with creative multi-utility meter placements.

Balancing Act. 610 Suites.

Overcame tight timelines to provide a submetering solution that met commercial and residential needs of the multi-use space.