Smarter, More Sustainable Submetering, Billing & Leak Detection

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Our Solutions

Prepare Your Buildings For a Net Zero Future

Wyse’s seamless and sophisticated submetering solutions are helping city builders across the country prepare their businesses and buildings for a greener tomorrow. From retrofits to new construction, we offer expertise across every phase of a project, all towards the goal of helping reduce your bottom line, empower residents, and create a sustainable future for all.

Suite metering
Common area metering
EV charger metering
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Available for new construction and retrofit projects.



Wyse was founded on bringing the most advanced electricity submetering solutions to Canadians from coast to coast.

Minimally invasive footprint
Fast turnaround time
No-capital cost option
Measurement Canada approved meters


Wyse delivers a solution to curb overuse, lower costs associated with water, one of the 21st century’s most challenging – and expensive – resources for cities.

Wireless and ultrasonic meters available
Leak and freeze detection
Email alerts
Award-winning renovation program


Wyse monitors and bills for in-suite heating and cooling consumption costs, including for complex systems like VRF.

Wireless and ultrasonic meters available
EN1434 accreditation
compact and reliable
In-suite HVAC program


Wyse systems bring some level of control over natural gas costs, one of the most volatile commodities on the global market.

Lower gas consumption
Decrease utility costs
Measurement Canada approved meters
Unique rooftop program

Our Benefits

Latest Technology

Wyse partners with industry leading manufacturers to deploy, service, and maintain next-gen meters and software.

Single Contact

We take all the work off your plate. We act as a single point of contact and offer responsive, industry-leading expertise.

Meet ESG Goals

Meeting ESG goals is extremely challenging unless everyone is invested in the process. That’s what submetering does. We give you and your residents the customized tools you need to optimize your consumption of electricity, water, gas, and thermal utilities.

All-in-one Billing

Billings for electricity, water, gas, and thermal including each resident’s electric vehicle charging usage, are collected in one place and itemized on a single invoice.

How Wyse Works

Working with Wyse is as easy as 1, 2, 3.


Wyse performs a no-cost submetering audit and customizes a holistic solution for your building.


Wyse works at your side to see your solution through to commissioning, handling everything from design to project management to installation.


Wyse provides your building with superior ongoing measuring, billing, and support services.


Utility & Add-on Billing Program

Wyse has you covered when it comes to your billing program. Our full-service submetering solution includes meter reading, bill generation, account management, on-site staff training, customer care and education, complete reconciliation of all bills, and collections. 

Wyse also offers billing solutions for a variety of services and amenities you may offer residents.

EV charging network
And more
Resident Satisfaction

Our all-in-one solution simplifies how residents are billed, getting one monthly bill with full rate and consumption information, so there’s no need to juggle multiple bills or due dates.

Room to Grow

Wyse scales to your growing portfolio, as the only Canadian provider with licensed software that seamlessly integrates your property management software via secure Electronic Data Exchange (EDE).

Industry Standard

Our Data Warehouse system adheres to Advanced Encryption Standard 256, which is the industry gold standard for cyber security.

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Leak Detection

Leak Detection

Intelligent leak protection systems that enable water issues to be immediately detected and actioned, mitigating the risk of water damage and providing insights on how to reduce consumption.

Real-time Monitoring

Keep yourself constantly informed with up-to-the-minute alerts that signal emerging issues before they become major headaches.

Peace of Mind

The cloud-based system ensures continuous monitoring and safeguards against water damage around the clock.

Ease of Installation

Our leak detection products are easy to install, seamlessly integrate with existing standards, and possess the flexibility to adapt to evolving building requirements.

State-of-the-art Hardware

Our smart metering and monitoring system offers the market’s most comprehensive selection of tools, including intelligent shutoff valves, resilient cloud-based monitoring capabilities, long-lasting sensors with enhanced battery life, and robust security features.