Utilities Portals Turn Mounds of Data into Actionable Insights

Sep 25, 2023
It’s about more than data — it’s about putting that data to work towards a better future.

We are drowning in data.

With every advancement of technology, businesses amass more and more information, from consumer behaviours and market trends to operational metrics and financial statistics. This surge in data holds immense potential, yet it also presents a unique challenge: How can businesses derive value from this deluge?

Multi-residential building owners and managers understand this challenge all too well.

When it comes to utilities usage in their buildings, submetering technology has allowed them to look beyond the building-wide level and explore individual consumption patterns. These incredible insights hold so much potential for utilities and financial efficiency improvements.

Additionally, for owners and managers, this data takes on elevated importance as reporting pressures coming from residents, investors, regulators, and local governments have multiplied. Everything from individual conservation goals to governmental net-zero commitments, to your own balance sheet depend on accurate and timely data.

But data is only valuable when turned into actionable insights – not always an easy task.

That is why successful building owners are turning to state-of-the-art utilities portals to deliver a constant stream of sorted information about their building’s energy use. These portals take the guesswork out of data, and deliver insights that bring a building’s reporting strategy to the next level.

Whether depending on these portals to help make fact-based decisions about operations, or simply to increase transparency with stakeholders, these portals have become invaluable for several reasons:

Reduce complexity

Raw numbers can be difficult to interpret for non-experts. Now, advanced analytics and visualization tools can transform this data into a comprehensive picture of utility consumption across an entire building portfolio.

Isolate opportunities

There are dozens of variables that affect how energy and resources are used from the suites to the common areas. Now, new data solutions are providing unprecedented insight into these variables.

Save time

Automation of data collection and analysis simplifies the process. The best systems provide custom reports to help pursue GRESB designations, work toward net-zero operations, or other sustainability goals.


The best of these portals can be seamlessly integrated with smart building platforms and building automation systems creating a fulsome data picture.

With data readily available, building owners can support their sustainability agendas, introduce efficiency measures, and increase net operating income and resident satisfaction.

As we continue grapple with the challenges of climate change and responsible use of resources, the role of data in driving sustainable practices will grow in importance. Tools like utilities portals will become indispensable for optimizing utility consumption, securing investment, and aligning with environmental, social, and governance (ESG)-related initiatives.

It’s about more than data — it’s about putting that data to work towards a better future.

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