Auxiliary Submetering for HVAC Equipment

Offering up comprehensive data solutions for reliable operation, reporting

Project Scope


new construction buildings






City builders constructing a multi-building development operating on shared HVAC equipment needed an accurate and clear way to understand equipment operation at both the complex and individual building levels.


Wyse ensured the proper powering and initial checks of all meters in the complex. We verified metering data, aligned meters with the corresponding equipment, set up databases, and confirmed that meters were fully operational before equipment went into service. This comprehensive approach guaranteed the accuracy and reliability of the meter data for operational purposes.

Beyond supplying metering for the individual suites, Wyse offered metering for primary components in the HVAC system, such as pumps, chillers, and boilers. We installed auxiliary metering as requested by the mechanical department, enabling further HVAC optimization and efficiency.

Wyse worked closely with the mechanical HVAC team to optimize meter location for easy accessibility, testing and long-term maintenance. The meters supported IEEE protocols for integration with property’s HVAC control systems.

Once operational, Wyse provided sophisticated auxiliary meter reporting, including consumption, historical data, and trending reports allowing for detailed granularity for a variety of common area equipment. This reporting offered timely metrics through an always-on portal and provided opportunity for HVAC tuning, troubleshooting, equipment optimization and efficiency gains. The reports covered common areas such as hallways, stairways, amenities spaces, and mechanical areas.

Wyse Advantage

Wyse offers a comprehensive data solution for improving equipment operation in multibuilding complexes with HVAC shared equipment. From accurate metering to HVAC system optimization and detailed reporting, our services ensure efficiency, resident comfort, and effective management of energy usage and billing.

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