EV Charging Education for Building Owners and Residents

Educating owners, residents on possibilities of electric vehicles, charging

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The EVSTART Charging Coast to Coast Tour was born out of the growing need for multi-residential properties in Canada to prepare for the future of electric vehicles (EVs). With EV sales on the rise and government incentives supporting the adoption of EVs, it became clear that building owners and managers required education and guidance on installing reliable EV charging infrastructure.


Wyse recognized the importance of educating both building owners and residents about EV technology, charging infrastructure, and the benefits of sustainable living. By organizing a coast-to-coast tour, we aimed to bring valuable information directly to the stakeholders, showcasing the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of installing EV chargers in multi-residential properties.

The EVSTART Charging Coast to Coast Tour demonstrated the power of collaboration and creative solutions in addressing emerging challenges. By connecting with more than 50,000 people on social media, the tour reached a wide audience and sparked conversations about sustainable living and EV adoption. Through personalized interactions with hundreds of residents, owners, and developers, it demystified EV charging and inspired action.

The tour also addressed the significant hurdles faced by renters and those lacking access to charging capabilities at home or work. It highlighted the need for increased charging infrastructure in urban areas and emphasized the role of multi-residential buildings in building a national EV charging network. By bridging the information gap and providing comprehensive solutions, the tour transformed the perception of EV charging from a complex challenge to a streamlined process.

The tour’s success was evident in the installation of new EV chargers in multi-residential developments in Oakville, Ottawa, Nanaimo, and Port Moody. These installations signified the direct impact of the tour in accelerating the adoption of EV charging infrastructure.

Additionally, the tour solidified EVSTART’s presence and credibility. With increased social media following, media attention, and industry association support, EVSTART established itself as a leading player in the EV charging industry. The tour’s success contributed to building a culture of sustainability and innovation in the real estate sector, ultimately driving Canada’s transition towards an electric vehicle future.

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The EVSTART Charging Coast to Coast Tour demonstrated the power of education, collaboration, and creative solutions in addressing the challenges faced by multi-residential properties in adopting EV charging infrastructure. By inspiring building owners, managers, and residents, the tour facilitated the integration of sustainable amenities and EV charging solutions into the fabric of Canadian cities. Through its impact on the sector, economy, society, and culture, the tour played a pivotal role in shaping the future of EV charging in multi-residential buildings and fostering a greener and more sustainable Canada.

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