Optimal Suite Metering in New Construction

Helping unlock the secret to efficient building design and cost savings

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new construction buildings




Despite the importance of proper configuration, many building design teams struggle with placing suite meters during the architectural planning phase to reduce costs and increase efficiency.


Wyse offered a comprehensive solution for optimizing meter placement and installation during the design phase.

By getting involved at the ground floor of the design process, Wyse precisely placed meters to minimize the amount of required hardware. By laying out services in an optimized manner, we reduced the number of meters needed, ultimately saving on construction costs and increasing saleable area.

Wyse strategically positioned meters in secure areas to prevent tampering. This ensured the safety and integrity of the meters and saved valuable square footage by keeping them accessible yet unobtrusive.

Wyse’s team of mechanical/electrical engineers collaborated with the building design team to develop the best metering layout for the new suites. Wyse supplied the necessary hardware directly to the onsite team, facilitating faster execution of this part of the building construction phase.

Wyse Advantage

Overall, Wyse provides technical know-how and practical solutions for meter placement and installation. By working closely with your design team, we ensure optimal meter configurations, reduced costs, and enhanced efficiency in building construction and ongoing operations.

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