Water Metering Retrofit

Answering suite-turnover retrofit challenges to yield efficiency, savings

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In a typical high-rise multi-residential rental building, up to 90 per cent of water use occurs in-suite. Due to the original design in these buildings, it has been technically and economically challenging to retrofit for water submetering.


The Wyse Renovation Water Retrofit Program was launched to provide an effective solution to the water submetering challenges. The program was designed to be implemented during suite turnover renovations, taking advantage of open walls for easy meter installation.

Wyse experts installed water meters within each suite during the renovation process. This ensures accurate measurement of water consumption at an individual suite level.

Once installed, the meters record the exact water consumption for each suite. This data is crucial for effective water management and cost allocation. The meter data is collected remotely and transmitted to Wyse’s billing servers on a daily basis. This timely data collection facilitates ongoing monitoring and analysis.

Utilizing the collected data, Wyse generates transparent monthly bills for residents and provides monthly owner recoveries for in-suite usage. These services are backed by convenient tools and customer support, ensuring a seamless experience for all stakeholders.

Wyse Advantage

The Wyse Renovation Water Retrofit Program successfully addressed the technical and economic challenges associated with water submetering in an older multi-residential rental building. By installing water meters during suite turnover renovations, Wyse enabled accurate measurement, streamlined billing processes, and fostered water conservation efforts. As a lasting solution, the Wyse Renovation Water Retrofit Program continues to deliver benefits to residents, developers and owners, unlocking long-term efficiency and savings.

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