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Delivering solutions eliminates Wi-Fi 'blind spots' in older buildings

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Older buildings seeking to retrofit metering for individual suites sometimes discover WiFi ‘blind spots’ in the structure, where WiFi signals have difficulty reaching network communications.


Wyse took an alternative approach using power-line carrier (PLC) technology for the transmission of metering data over existing power enabling infrastructure, utilizing the power cable themselves as a communication medium. This reduced the need for new communication cabling. The PLC protocol is particularly suitable for retrofit projects where running new wires may be challenging and not cost effective.

Implementing PLC involved injecting communication signals onto the powerline and then decoding them at the receiving end points. While it required some additional hardware and working with higher voltages (e.g., 208/600), it provided a reliable and proven communication protocol.

Wyse’s experts thoroughly examined the building’s electrical distribution system, voltage levels, cable sizes, transformer locations, and switchgear layout to determine if PLC was a viable option.  Having a deep understanding of building electrical systems and access to the best mix of communication platforms for each specific building, Wyse utilized the most cost effective and reliable communication protocol for the situation at hand.

During the initial assessment, a radio study was conducted to evaluate the feasibility of Wi-Fi in the building.  It determined the Wi-Fi was not suitable, so the next options considered were pulling wires or implementing PLC technology.

Wyse Advantage

By leveraging PLC technology, Wyse enabled effective communication for advanced metering systems in retrofit projects, ensuring reliable data transmission and overcoming communication challenges in older buildings.

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