Wyse uses advanced metering systems sourced from the best manufacturers to enable optimum installation services for each property.
We are meter independent, which gives us the flexibility to work with the existing system you have in your buildings.
All our equipment meets current provincial and federal standards, including Measurement Canada protocols.
Electricity Meter

Sieco-Tech: Multiple Customer Metering System

The Sieco-Tech Canada PowerStar Multiple Customer Metering System is Measurement Canada approved and used for billing residential and commercial building occupants for the electrical power they consume.

Small current transformers are installed on the power-lines supplying power to each suite. Current transformers are connected to the PowerStar meter by multi-conductor cables (supplied). The individual energy consumption of each occupant is then recorded and transmitted to an online central billing database. Meter data may be transmitted automatically via the internet, or pulled using software.

Compact design allows 24 meters to fit into tight spaces often considered too confined for metering. Innovative connecting methods reduce installation costs. Multiple communications protocols allow for versatility when interconnecting meters and/or for sharing of existing communications within the building.

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Water Meter

NextCentury Submetering Systems: Multi-Jet Cold/Hot Water Meter

The future of water submetering has arrived with the introduction of the first full ¾” hot and cold meter in one package. Each meter is equipped with a transceiver that transmits data to a strategically located data collector within the building. The data collector wirelessly transmits data to Wyse’s Billing Platform.

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Gas Meter

AC-250 Diaphragm Meter

The Elster American Meter class AC-250 is the industry’s most cost-effective gas meter for residential and small commercial applications. It is unequalled for accuracy retention and for life cycle maintenance economics. It can measure pressures up to 10 PSIG and flow rates up to 250 cubic feet per hour; taking up only 0.56 ft³ of space with the flexibility to be installed indoors. Approved by Measurement Canada.

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Thermal (BTU) Meter

Dwyer SERIES TUF Ultrasonic Energy Meter

The SERIES TUF Ultrasonic Energy Meter is a highly accurate and stable energy meter that utilizes ultrasonic technology to measure heating and cooling energy consumption. The Series TUF is a compact meter with a flowmeter and energy calculator in one, making it a smart, compact solution to measure thermal consumption in suites.

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