Hello, we’re here to help. Connect with us to get answers to your questions about enrolment, monthly bills, payment options, moving, online tools to view usage and much more. Depending on your building, Wyse may provide metered services for electricity, water, gas and thermal consumption.


Call Toll Free: 1.844.411.0663 [Mon–Fri 8a.m. – 8p.m. EST] or email at billing@wyseutilities.com

Submetering measures in-suite utility consumption. Residents and tenants are accurately billed individually and pay only for the consumption of any given utility being metered based on the terms of their lease.


  • Fair and equitable user-pay system
  • Reduce your utility costs by reducing consumption
  • 24/7 online access to your monthly account information
  • Stop subsidizing your neighbours’ high usage
  • Create a culture of conservation and lower your carbon footprint


Submetering is highly regulated in Canada and in particular in the province of Ontario. Wyse Meter Solutions is in full compliance with all relevant legislation including:

  1. The Canadian Electricity & Gas Inspection Act: All electricity and gas meters are verified and sealed by Measurement Canada for every suite metered by Wyse Meter Solutions.
  2. Ontario Energy Board Unit Sub-metering Code: This legislation mandates all technical requirements, standards of practice, billing, and collections. Wyse is licensed by the Ontario Energy Board License #ES-2014-0214
  3. Residential Tenancies Act
  4. Energy Consumer Protection Act

The first step for a new resident or tenant is to complete a Wyse Service Contract for submetered services. Please clarify which service(s) you are to enrol with Wyse before signing up.

What You'll Need:

Wyse Enrolment Forms should be properly filled out with:

  • Resident(s) name responsible for utility bill.
  • Contact phone number is required.
  • Move-in-Date is complete.
  • Form is signed and dated.
  • Banking information and VOID cheque for Pre-Authorized Payment (optional).

Best Option: Complete our easy online enrolment form by clicking the button below.
Other Option: For commercial tenants only, option to download and complete the PDF version of the enrolment form here and send it to Wyse:

Email: enrolment@wyseutilities.com
Fax: 1.844.700.7673
Postal Mail:
Resident and Tenant Services
PO Box 418 RPO Steeles West
North York, ON
M3J 0J3

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After Wyse receives your complete and correct Utility Services Contract, your first monthly bill will be issued. Your first bill will include a one-time account set up fee and security deposit and all other monthly charges associated with utility consumption, including Wyse’s regular monthly charges. Deposits are returned with interest after a year of good payment history or applied to the final bill. Refer to Wyse’s Conditions of Service. Wyse’s fees are set out in more detail at the Wyse tenant portal at www.wyseutilities.com.

In order to waive a deposit, a resident account holder must meet one of the following five conditions:

  1. By signing up for pre-authorized payment for electricity account holders only;
  2. Showing a reference letter from a previous service provider for the same utility;
  3. Providing a credit report with a 750+ score or greater. The credit report must be dated within one year;
  4. Being approved for the Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP) and having a case worked contact Wyse (Ontario only); or
  5. Eligible low-income customers may have the deposit waived upon request. Refer to Wyse’s Conditions of Service

    Please note: Wyse may require a deposit from the consumer if within 12 months of enrolment in a pre-authorized payment plan,

    (a)  the consumer terminates the plan
    (b)  the consumer receives more than one disconnection notice from the unit sub-meter provider;
    (c)  more than one payment by the consumer has been returned for insufficient funds; or
    (d)  a disconnect / collect trip has occurred.

After a bill has been issued, residents have 20 days to pay their bill. Payments received after the due date will be subject to late fees.

The Wyse Customer Portal allows residents to view their historical and current account information on a daily and monthly basis. In the portal, residents can also view payments, make a payment, sign up for e-bills or text alerts.

Go to the Wyse Resident Portal and use your account number and web pin, found on your Wyse resident bill, to log in for the first time.