Commercial Solutions


Wyse was founded with one simple mandate: to help building owners, property managers and tenants get the most out of their submetering program. We deliver no cost, utility-grade submetering for electricity, gas, water and thermal consumption. Our turnkey solutions cover it all: from hardware and installation to reporting, billing and ongoing customer service excellence.

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Billing quality will define your submetering program. Benefit from the best billing platform in North America – we handle over 2.5 million service locations. We’ll provide your tenants with accurate, transparent and timely utility billing. Protect your staff’s time and let us take care of everyone with a range of super-easy tools and multilingual support.

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SYNERGY allows clients to focus on what matters most. This comprehensive solution will alleviate the burden on your accounting and on-site staff and put it in the hands of our experts. We’ll manage all your utility expenses through a range of intelligent services: auditing, advocacy, processing, reporting tools, utility budgeting tools and regulatory compliance.

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If you’re looking for a seamless and cost-effective EV charging solution, we offer the necessary guidance to efficiently execute this complex (but wildly beneficial) project. We cover everything from assessing building capacity, charger technology, and government incentives to installation, operation, submetering and billing.

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The Wyse Advantage

Wyse is your best partner for smart submetering, electric vehicle (EV) charging and utility expense management solutions. We help Canada’s largest building owners, developers and property managers run smarter, boost environmental sustainability and enjoy a superior experience. Residents and tenants thrive with our innovative services.

Wyse’s exclusive partnership with Conservice, the United States’ largest utility management company, allows us to offer North America’s most sophisticated billing platform, already in use across 2.5 million service locations. We understand better than anyone else that full transparency and accountability will shape the future.

Our turnkey solutions come together with ease. We deliver flexible contracts, property and financial management reporting, complete project management, utility grade hardware, installations, billing services and seamless customer support.

Our relationship driven submetering creates hundreds of millions of dollars in new property value every year, without any upfront capital required.

Custom Solutions

Let us fully customize to fit your unique needs.


Rely on Wyse’s secure financing, strong organization and capacity to grow.

Account and Regulatory Support

Save time and money by engaging our experts to handle your utility matters.

Customer Service

Use utilities more efficiently with simple tools and responsive, multilingual services.


Master every step of the process with our engagement team and ongoing support.


Cut greenhouse gas emissions and create a green culture.

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