The "Wyse Helping Homes" COVID-19 Charity Initiative

At Wyse, giving back to the communities we live and work in has been at the forefront of our values. COVID-19 has had an unprecedented impact on the issue of homelessness, and local need is higher than ever. This has reinforced our mission to help the more vulnerable residents of our communities. We believe that every successful life’s journey starts with a safe place to call home. Life’s challenges do not discriminate- Addiction. Abuse. Loss of job. So many challenges can leave people in need.


Wyse has a long-standing relationship with local organizations like Interval House and the Scott Mission. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have expanded our support program to assist shelters in a variety of the communities we serve across Canada. The Wyse Helping Homes Program is our commitment of time, talent and financial support to help those who do so much for our community at the grassroots level, often on the tightest of budgets. So far, this list of valuable organizations includes: 



This incredible team helpswomen survivors of intimate partner violence and their children break the cycle of abuse. Our support provides emergency shelter and essentials, as well as assists in providing programs and services to help these women and children move into a brighter future, self-sufficiently.


A unique partnership between Pickle Barrel restaurants and shelters across the GTA, including Blue Door Shelters, proves an innovative solution to one of the most pressing challenges of feeding thousands affected by COVID-19. Our support helps provide free, daily mealsto the most vulnerable members of neighbourhoods across the region. 


This organization works around the clock to provide emergency food and housing support across the community. Our support helps run the COVID-19 emergency meal program to feed individuals experiencing homelessness, low-income families, and children and youth.


This organizationhelps provide a range of practical, emotional, and spiritual supports to thousands of individuals experiencing homelessness, low-income families, and children and youth. Our support helps further that mission by providing onsite meal services, clothing and basic necessities to the most vulnerable population in the downtown Toronto core.


This organization redistributes gently used furniture and housewares from donors in the community to families and individuals rebuilding their homes. Their participants include women and children leaving shelters, the formerly homeless, and newcomers and refugees to Canada. Our support helps these participants find exactly what their circumstances require to rebuild their homes.


This employee-driven initiative serves as a reminder of Wyse’s commitment to the people of the communities we live, work and operate in – and to the kind of society we hope to help build for us all. Stay updated on our efforts by following us on Twitter,FacebookLInkedIn and Instagram or by using the hashtag  #WyseHelpingHomes.


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