Changing the Industry: Auto Move-In/Move-Out (MIMO) Processes

In an age of digitalization and automation, there is no longer room for unreliable, laborious operations and processes in any business. The submetering industry is leading the digital movement by storm, with constant advancements being made to streamline the process of measuring in-suite utility consumption and collecting building data. From the un-invasive smart technology that is now available to meter utility consumption, to automated Move-In/Move-Out (MIMO) processes, Wyse continues to improve functionality, cost efficiency and energy efficiency in a growing number of buildings Canada-wide. Wyse also offers many subsequent services that make a Landlord or Property Manager’s job easier, such as reliable multi-utility billing and data collection for benchmarking and reporting ease and accuracy. Debt recovery from previous utility theft is another big advantage of using an advanced submetering provider's high-powered technology. Wyse Meter Solution’s SYNERGY program recovered over $134,000 in utility theft in our suites in 2018 alone. Most notably though, the automation of the move-in/move-out (MIMO) process and new resident enrollment is changing the property management industry. 


MIMO (Move-In/Move-Out) Options for New Resident Enrollment 


As part of your contract with Wyse, Building Managers, Site Staff and Rental Agents are provided with training on the submetering program and the proper procedures for enrolling residents as bill payers. During this training, our education and outreach team will outline the available enrollment processes. Online enrollment is fast and simple, and gives the resident immediate access to their account, so that they can begin monitoring their consumption and monthly costs right away. In addition to online enrollment, Wyse offers integration options such as Electronic Data Exchange which allows us to communicate with the building manager’s property software and stay current on all lease changes and provide accurate billing. Most providers that offer automatic enrollment and advanced technology will also offer Move-In/Move-Out (MIMO) options such as Property Management Software Integration to save your staff time from doing MIMO reporting manually each month. This process involves scheduled automated program interfacing, with secure encryption and cutting-edge technology. Turnkey is available with sophisticated Property Management software such as Yardi. 


Wyse is currently the the only provider in Canada offering EDE (Electronic Data Exchange.) It’s not hard to see how this option is a game-changer in terms of productivity and efficiency for property managers and their staff. Automated MIMO takes a huge, time-consuming task off of a property manager’s plate, which frees up time to focus on sales and other elements of operation that will ultimately improve and grow your business. 

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