2021 Award-Winning Water Metering Solution For Renovations

Why choose Wyse for water submetering?


This year, the Wyse Renovation Water Submetering program was awarded product of the year by the Canadian Federation of Apartment Associations, a group representing the owners and managers of over 1 million residences. It’s an award we’re tremendously proud of, but more importantly, it highlights the potential of this technology to revamp the way we use water to be more environmentally, socially and cost conscious.


What is submetering and what are the benefits?


Submetering refers to the measuring, monitoring and billing of residents directly for their in-suite water use in multi-unit residences.

Since 90% of these buildings’ water use occurs in-suite, and since most people prefer not to foot the bill for their neighbour’s water use, this system naturally incentivizes residents to be more conscious of their water use. According to the 2019 Canadian Multi-Res Tenant Rental Survey, more than 3 in 5 Canadians who live in these types of buildings supported this setup.

Not only are these programs popular, but they’re very effective. A Wyse-led study conducted at 9 townhome complexes in the Toronto found that water consumption dropped by 22%, on average.


Why wouldn’t every building do this?


There is a misconception that the cost savings aren’t worth the disruption. Installing these systems can be invasive since they require access to the building’s plumbing. We install the meters during other in-suite renovations (hence the “Renovation” in the product name), effectively piggybacking off of other work being done in the units.

Our water meters are also wireless, allowing us to avoid several labour-intensive electrical parts of the retrofitting and tens of thousands in costs. It also allows us to perform these retrofits in buildings where the option was previously unavailable.

What will the sustainability reporting look like?


These meters provide transparent, detailed reports of in-suite water use. Owners are able to see not only how much water is being used at the building level, but also where it is being used and where to create efficiencies.

Our smart portal offers more than 30 easy-to-navigate reports in whatever level of granularity you choose, and is easy to share, making it useful for everyone from the building’s board to the staff.

The electronic data also integrates seamlessly with any building’s property management system, eliminating time spent and errors made tabulating water use manually.


Does the service do anything else besides measure water use?


Our meters also include freeze and leak detection which automatically send notifications via e-mail to owners. These alerts allow owners and building managers to detect and fix problems early to avoid very costly water damage.

In recent years building managers have been under mounting pressure to address resident and investor concerns related to cost and environmental sustainability. Water submetering is becoming a crucial element of every building’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategy.

We can give you the tools you need to create a solution that works best for you. Get started with Wyse today.

Published June 14, 2021


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