Open up to the benefits of open source

Don’t be fooled by its name. There is nothing ‘soft’ about the issues software can cause for your business, and when those issues involve the utility metering solution in your buildings, they can also create confusion in your systems, frustrations on your team, and unnecessary expenses for your budget.

But Wyse has an answer to the hard questions about software for its industry-leading utility meters.

Our space-saving metering technology is sourced from the best manufacturers and designed to integrate seamlessly into your building systems. Wyse provides all network and communication connections. We can provide our own dedicated communications protocol for all meters deployed, including a cellular connection we own and maintain. This saves you thousands in labour and conduit costs.

Our competitors, for comparison, need to install a computer within your buildings. That bulky tech takes up valuable space and needs constant attention (security, power, reboots, tech issues, etc.)

As one of Canada’s largest buyers of metering equipment, we know quality when we see it. Each meter is hand-selected for your project from manufacturers like Itron, Lynked, Next Century, and Siecotech.

They are Measurement Canada-approved and deployed by hundreds of Wyse clients across Canada. And when it comes to software, our open-protocol, non-proprietary solution is exactly what you need to stay technologically advanced and budgetarily sound.

How is that, you ask? Simple. Our meters operate on what is referred to as an ‘open protocol’ platform – a type of digital software where the copyright holder allows users to use, study, change, and distribute the software to anyone and for any purpose.

Developers – the software kind, in this case – love open-source software as it is created and improved upon in a collaborative public manner. Every user from around the world works together to improve the product and then those solutions are shared for free among fellow users. Because of this, open-protocol systems experience rapid innovation when technologies change and find clever solutions when problems arise.

That’s like employing an IT team of thousands at no cost.

As a utility metering solution, open-source software provides for quick, universal access without getting locked into proprietary programming or expensive updates. It makes the data transparent and easily read at no cost to you.

That’s why Wyse endorses and installs them – the flexibility necessary to keep your buildings technologically nimble both today and well into the future without costing you a ton of money.

Compare that to some of the legacy metering technologies as well as other current technologies that are in market.

Some of you may find yourself shackled to proprietary meters operating on closed-source software – a type of digital software where, as you might guess from the name, the copyright holder holds the source code safe and encrypted. No other developers may copy, modify, or delete parts of the code without some type of consequence (e.g. voiding the warranty, legal repercussions, etc.).

The fallout from this can be frustrating, as you are locked into a specific, closed software, stuck paying for constant software updates and patches, and if you don’t keep up, then you find yourself using constant workarounds. Innovation and fixes are at the whims of the vendor and their development team.

Instead of focusing on running your buildings, you are forced into finding solutions for your meters.

Don’t you think metering software should be the least of your problems?

Let Wyse get you the hard facts on software and how you should open yourself up to the idea of open protocol meters. Get in touch via email at for a free project review.


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