Water Submetering

Wyse Meter Solutions provides turnkey water submetering solutions to landlords, property managers, and building owners. We use proven, best-in-class submetering technologies to measure your buildings’ water consumption.

Key Features & Benefits of Water Submetering:

  • Increases cash flow and operating income by eliminating variable utility costs
  • Increases property value
  • Improves resident satisfaction
  • Conservation of water and other resources
  • Easy to install, regardless of pipe angle
  • Ideal for retrofit projects, without costly re-plumbing
  • The water metering system is accurate and quiet
  • Remote read for any situation, including mobile (wireless) read collection
  • Metering data integrates easily with Read Bill & Collecting (RBC) System
  • Residents and owners have powerful web-based tools for displaying and monitoring water consumption
  • Full service meter maintenance program

How Water Submetering Works

  • A compatible utility meter is installed in each suite and is connected to a wireless transmitter. The transmitter converts the meter read into a digitized signal for transmission
  • Repeaters placed at strategic locations across the site, receive and verify signals from the transmitters and amplify the signals for transmission to the receiver
  • Typically, a building will house only one receiver that stores the meter data for retrieval by the billing department
  • Residents pay for only what they use and reap the financial rewards of their conservation efforts