Submetering System Infrastructure

Wyse uses best practices and an integrated system to manage the backend for smart meter data flow. Our model caters to electric, water and natural gas submetering.



Submetering Billing Process

Meter Read Processing

Data collected by smart meters is sent to a Meter Data Management System for processing and storage.


CIS System

Readings are uploaded and transferred to a billing batch. The CIS then performs a consumption and dollar variance check. Once all exceptions are processed, the batch is calculated, printed, and posted to the customer account.


Mailing Process

Print files are received by local fulfillment facility where they are validated and updated to comply with postal standards. Audit checks confirm volumes printed and stuffed equal volume in original file.


Landlord Interaction

Landlord sees summary of bills and bulk meter bill.


Customer Interaction

Customer receives bill that explains what is owed, consumption averages, and conservation opportunities. Customer can inquire using the website portal.


Payment Processing

Customer has multiple options for payment including web and mail-in.


CIS System

CIS receives payment files and updates customers’ accounts. All delinquent customers will be gathered in the collection process.