Submetering is good for the environment!

Submetering is a user-pay system, which encourages residents to reduce their utility consumption. Our case studies show that the in-suite energy consumption drops by more than half once submetered.

According to a case study, bill payers use 58% less electricity than non-bill-payers. That is the equivalent savings of 2.5 metric tons of carbon dioxide put into the environment.


YOU can benefit the environment!

This means from submetering 100 suites, you stop 250 metric tons of carbon dioxide from going into the atmosphere. That is equivalent to the annual greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions/savings from one of the following:

  • 6,365 trees grown for ten years
  • 52 cars
  • 577 barrels of oil
  • 89 tons of waste sent to landfill

You have a great opportunity to make a major contribution to GHG emission reductions while improving your bottom line at the same time. Talk about a win-win!

The details of the case study can be found here.


Questions about Wyse Submetering Solutions?

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