Electric Submetering

Wyse Meter Solutions provides turnkey electric submetering solutions to landlords, property managers, and building owners. We use proven, best-in-class submetering technologies to measure your buildings’ electricity consumption.

Key Features & Benefits of Electric Submetering:

  • Increases cash flow and operating income by eliminating variable utility costs
  • Increases property value
  • Conservation of electricity and other resources
  • Improves resident satisfaction
  • Direct connections to IT infrastructure for billing and reporting without the need for any on-site computer servers
  • Small footprint needed for installation inside electrical closets
  • Fully secure, self-contained backup systems both onboard and off-site
  • Connect to the Internet via conventional communication protocols (Ethernet or WIFI)
  • Use WIFI technology for communicating with in-suite meters if required
  • Retrofits with minimum impact on residents
  • Building owners and residents have powerful web-based tools for displaying and monitoring energy consumption
  • Full service meter maintenance program

How Electric Submetering Works


  • Submeters are connected to the electrical panels in the “electrical rooms” in the building
  • Submeters communicate with the billing data centre over existing wireless networks, telephone lines, or Internet connections
  • The data is collected and compiled to create a concise bill for each resident and owner
  • As well, an online portal is provided to allow each resident and owner to view usage details
  • Residents pay for only what they use and reap the financial rewards of their conservation efforts