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SyNERGY, Utility Expense Management Solutions

Utility Expense Management Solutions

SyNERGY is designed to alleviate the utility expense management burden from your accounting and on-site staff. We provide a comprehensive solution that allows property managers and building owners to focus on their core competencies. 


Utility Bill Processing, and Payment: Guaranteed On Time Payment & No More Late Fees

By utilizing SyNERGY, each of your utility bills are sent directly to Wyse to be processed for payment by funds provided by your company.  By outsourcing the processing and payment of utility bills, your company is released from the administrative burden of handling utility bills.


Exceptions Analysis: Every Bill Audited, Every Month

Every utility bill processed by the SyNERGY team is audited for accuracy. The SyNERGY Audit Team provides a comprehensive 20 point analysis of all utility bills. Items audited include cost and usage variances, estimated reads, meter changes, unusual fees, rate changes, provider bill misprints, and more. The team works quickly to identify billing anomalies and works with the utility provider to bring issues to resolution. This often results in a refund from the utility provider to our clients. The team ensures you never overpay on your utility bills.


Vacant Utility Expense Management and Recovery

When we process utility bills, the service period is compared against the tenant data from your property management software files. When a unit is found to be occupied, a vacant unit cost recovery opportunity exists. Wyse calculates charges owed and then bills the tenant for the usage, helping to recover the utility cost on behalf of the building owner.


Better, More Timely Information is Available

As a byproduct of bill processing, valuable cost and usage data is captured and presented on the Wyse website. This data, along with associated bill images, will be posted online where they can be easily viewed and retrieved. The Wyse website provides valuable real-time reports to help property managers view usage and cost trends to better manage their property.  


Online Utility Budgeting Tools

Take advantage of our robust utility budgeting tools that allow you to track actual and projected utility expenses for each community. Built in functions allow you to factor in occupancy fluctuation and rate changes with the click of a button.   Then add in the amounts recovered from tenants to see a complete picture of your utility program.


SyNERGY Benefits

  • Elimination of all internal costs to process an invoice.
  • Vacant theft recovery and vacant management reporting.
  • Month over month and year over year trend analysis.
  • Access to scanned bill images as they are processed.
  • Utility invoice auditing to ensure you never overpay for a utility invoice.
  • All utility invoice exceptions brought to resolution with the provider by Wyse.
  • Utility data is available when you need it.
  • Budgeting and forecasting tools.
  • Rate and tariff analysis.