Wyse delivers end-to-end submetering solutions with no capital costs or ongoing fees for the property managers, building owners, or developers. The bottom line is we pay for meters and installation. We are backed by one of Canada’s largest banking institutions, with over $7 billion in assets, who understands the unique needs of the market.

Our model offers the opportunity to become part of an environment that provides a stable operational enhancement. As Ontario energy prices soar 45% over the next five years and rent increases are capped at 2.5% per year, no other solution can match the financial returns of Wyse submetering:

  • Decreases operating costs
  • Increases Net Operating Income
  • Maximizes rent levels
  • Increases property values
  • Reduces energy consumption by up-to-34%
  • Empowers residents to pay for only what they use and reap the rewards of their conservation efforts
  • Provides online analysis tools for residents and management
  • Reduces installation labour costs on new construction
  • Qualifies for LEED certification



At Wyse, billing is not an add-on. It is fundamental to our business model. Our team provides utility-grade service – in fact they bill for 42 other utilities in Ontario.

We ensure resident and owner bills are prepared accurately and delivered within days of their billing schedule. This results in a meaningful bill to the resident while enhancing cash flow to the property managers, building owners, and developers.

The backbone of Wyse billing is a powerful system that collects data electronically from each meter and wirelessly transmits data to our Customer Information System (CIS) software. The data is used to calculate each resident’s detailed bill with applicable rates so they only pay for the energy they used. A robust quality assurance process is applied before bills are printed and mailed.

The Bill:

Each resident will receive a professional and concise bill from Wyse outlining individual energy usage and previous consumption history.  Electrical, water or natural gas usage is detailed on one bill, as required. Customers can also view their bills online using our portal. The bill can be conveniently paid online or at any financial institution. Property bulk bills are individually audited each month to identify and correct errors and to ensure rate accuracy.



Our advanced reporting tools allow customers to analyze consumption and identify efficiency opportunities, ultimately enhancing their financial performance

Management Reporting:

Property managers, building owners and developers can view total building consumption using our web portal consumption and aggregate tools. You are able to run metrics on your properties to compare consumption; the total amount billed across all suites (i.e. even non-bill paying suites) and cross-reference how one building is performing against another building.

Resident Reporting:

User-friendly online tools are available for residents to view their billing and consumption history. Accurate reporting reinforces to residents that they only pay for what they use and reap the financial rewards of their conservation efforts, without the burden of subsidizing high users.


Customer Service

Our standard of excellence is unsurpassed in the industry. Our billing and call centre staff understand the suite metering business and also service 42 other utilities in Ontario.

We deliver:

  • Suite metering billing for electric, water and natural gas customers – detailed on one bill
  • Shorter bill delivery cycles
  • Ongoing meter maintenance and full warranty coverage for the duration of the term at no cost
  • Consolidated billing for landlords to allow them to see the consumption of each unit aggregated under one account
  • Bundled and unbundled rates
  • Interval meter and complex billing support
  • Customer self-service via a Consumer On-Line Web Portal
  • Management of all resident calls through experienced call centre
  • Comprehensive customer tracking with fully integrated call, service, consumption and credit history
  • Rule-driven customer interaction for delinquent accounts
  • Management of all support calls with the CIS vendor with escalation criteria
  • Daily status updates on all billing batches


Meter Maintenance

Wyse offers continuous service for all contracts to ensure that your system operates as planned. We provide ongoing meter maintenance and full warranty coverage for the duration of the term at no cost. We will monitor the meters, trouble shoot and service accordingly, in the event of a connection or meter issue. We also provide Industry Canada verified and sealed multi-customer metering systems and complete recertification of the systems as required.



Your partnership with Wyse includes a comprehensive and dedicated training program.

Property Staff:

We train our customers at every level of their organization, from executive teams to front line employees. Our proven strategy for training includes onsite presentations, education resources, online tools and technical support. 


We liaise with residents to provide a useful service offering and positive experience. We offer multiple channels of training and support, including onsite seminars, new resident information packages and a dedicated call centre.


Account Management

Wyse understands the management and functions of suite meter billing are unique. We provide extra attention to ensure that developers, property managers, suite owners and residents are all provided with a positive experience. They appreciate the fact that they have one point of contact for all their submetering needs.