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Wyse services an impeccable list of clients recognized as the premier property managers, building owners and developers in Canada.

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Wyse Video - Skyline Expands Submetering Program

Matthew Organ, President of Skyline Living, is rapidly expanding his submetering and utility expense management programs with Wyse. Click the video to see why Mr. Organ has confidence in us for a sustainable future.

At Direct Properties, we believe in providing our clients with the highest standards of service. From our experience with Wyse, we trust that they share the same value with us. Wyse has given us invaluable assistance in terms of our submetering needs and has provided our tenants with the best customer service. Wyse made submetering extremely easy for us and we cannot be happier with the professionalism, dedication, and expertise the entire Wyse team has shown us. We look forward to continuously working with Wyse.”

- Annette Mincer, President of Direct Properties Inc.

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“Park Property Management proudly offers our residents affordable, well-maintained rental properties. We have chosen Wyse as our submetering and utility expense management services provider because they value long-term relationships with clients as much as we do. Their expertise in submetering services for multi-residential buildings in any size and age gave us confidence to choose Wyse for our existing and newly constructed buildings. Also, their utility expense management services have helped us realize savings on our utility bills in addition to submetering savings. We have been absolutely satisfied with Wyse’s services and trust that Wyse will continue to provide us with the best submetering and utility expense management services.”

- Margaret Herd, Vice President, Residential Property Management of Park Property Management Inc.

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“NorthWest is committed to providing quality space and services to our tenants. In order to serve our tenants to the best of our abilities, we chose Wyse as our submetering service provider because they are proven to be flexible, professional, and committed. With their expertise and experience, they have given NorthWest and our tenants a superior sub-metering service.”

- Mark Aber, Northwest Property Corporation

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“Golden Equity Properties has a portfolio of multi-residential properties in Quebec and Ontario. Wyse Meter Solutions has proven to us their commitment to turnkey submetering solutions, which include hassle-free installation, onsite training, on-time billing, and excellent customer service. We look forward to continually working with them for our future projects.”

- Mike Bregman, Managing Partner of Golden Equity Properties

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“Bedford Properties is proud to work closely with all tenants in our residential buildings across the GTA to offer them a family lifestyle. We have years of experience and in-depth understanding of residents’ needs and always want to work with our partners who are as committed as we are to the multi-residential industry and client satisfaction. Wyse Meter Solutions has shown us their dedication to, and understanding of, the multi-residential sector and we look forward to our ongoing partnership.”

- Mark Knodell, President of Bedford Properties

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“YLC Asset Management focuses on long-term investments, strives to provide reliable customer service, and believes in green technologies. Wyse Meter Solutions’ submetering program helps us achieve our long-term energy saving goals and reduce our buildings’ carbon footprint. We believe Wyse will continue to satisfy our tenants with on-time and accurate billing services as well as a “green energy” focused program.”

- Kevin Liu, Asset and Property Manager
of YLC Asset Management Corp

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“Wyse Meter Solutions has proven us their dedication to and expertise in turnkey submetering solutions. They have provided our residents and suite owners with on-time, accurate billing, and excellent customer service and helped us find savings on our bulk bills. We appreciate our mutually beneficial partnership and look forward to working with Wyse for the projects to come.”

- Kalliopi Pakkidis, Director of Customer Care of Cresford Developments

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“Wyse’s customized submetering solutions have driven energy conservation efforts and increased the value of our properties. We have selected Wyse as our premier submetering service provider and trust that they can deliver energy saving solutions through their submetering programs. We look forward to continuously working with them in our existing portfolio of buildings and new acquisitions.”

- Daniel Drimmer, CEO of Starlight Investments Ltd.

“Wyse is a quality submetering company. They complete all aspects of their job in a timely manner, from installation of the submeters at the sites, providing onsite training, invoicing residents, to providing excellent customer service.”

- Penny Colomvakos, Manager of Residential Administration of Starlight Investments Ltd.

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“Timbercreek takes a long-term view of creating value through active management for our $2B in multi-residential assets. Wyse Meter Solutions has proven to be as committed to the multi-residential sector as we are. They have provided us with outstanding service and support and an ability to deliver that has exceeded our expectations.”

- Jeff Hutchison, Managing Director, Asset Management of Timbercreek Asset Management

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“Urbancorp has built some of the most vibrant residential communities in the Greater Toronto Area.  We value convenient urban living providing homeowners and residents with easy access to public transit, parks, hospital, and recreation facilities. Wyse Meter Solutions has completed submeter installation for three of our buildings and more projects are to be completed in the near future. From the beginning of the installations to completion to ongoing billing, bulk bill analysis and superior customer service for residents, they have proven their professionalism that comes with years of experience in the submetering industry. We look forward to continuously working with them for upcoming projects.”

- David Mandell, Vice President of Urbancorp

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“Cityzen Development and its sister company Dominus Construction are committed to excellence, dedicated to creating beautiful and iconic design-driven developments in the very best locations throughout Toronto and the GTA.  We strive to enhance quality of life and place for our purchasers and the community. Wyse Meter Solutions, the exclusive submetering service provider for many of our buildings, has given us professional advice in terms of our buildings’ submetering needs and shown in-depth understanding of the condominium industry. We have no doubt Wyse staff will provide our unit owners and residents with the best customer service.” 

- Sam Crignano, President of Cityzen Development

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“At Q Residential we recognize that many choose to live in an apartment to simplify life and spend more time focusing on things that matter: family, career, friends and enjoying life.  Wyse Meter Solutions’ on time and accurate billing, “no waiting” customer service and clear concise billing is a perfect fit with our philosophy.”

- John Lago, President of Q Residential

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“Wyse has proven their willingness to tailor their contracts to meet the preferences of our individual clients, regardless of their size of their holdings. That means Sterling Karamar Property Management can uphold our commitment to flexible, client focused property management.”

- Jack Beaton, VP Operations of Sterling Karamar Property Management

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“Picking the right partner in submetering is critical, however, thanks to the overall depth of multi residential experience at Wyse, we are already seeing significant dividends. This is a complicated industry, and it is comforting to know we have such a strong team advocating on our behalf. Again, thank you so much for the tremendous sprit of partnership the entire Wyse team has brought each and every day. We very much look forward to a long lasting and mutually beneficial relationship together.” (This is part of an endorsement letter.)

- Brian Rakowski, Vice President of Hi-Lo Investments Inc

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