Wyse Meter Solutions Inc. was founded with one simple mandate: to help residents, property managers, building owners, and developers get the most out of their utility submetering program. Wyse Meter is a single point of contact for end-to-end electrical, water, and natural gas submetering solutions, with no capital costs.

Wyse Meter Solutions has a record of success in delivering easier, flexible contracts, property and financial management reporting, complete account management, utility grade hardware, installations and billing services as well as premium resident programs.

At Wyse Meter, we make the complexities of submetering quite simple. Residents pay for only what they use and reap the financial rewards of their conservation efforts.

Wyse Meter Solutions Inc. is a licensed submetering company. You can view a copy of Wyse’s Unit Submetering here.

Total Smart Meter Solutions

Our efforts have a common goal – ultimately we are focused on value creation for our customers through decreased operating costs and efficient energy management. We deliver total smart meter solutions.

Easier, Flexible Contracts

Transparency is a key component of customer trust. Our customers benefit from easier, flexible contracts. The sooner resident billing commences, the sooner our customer sees results.

Utility Grade Billing & Reporting

At Wyse, resident bills are prepared accurately and delivered within days of their meter read schedule.

Leadership Excellence

Our property management relationships, industry experience and technical knowledge set us apart. We provide customers with the highest level of service